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About Us

RedJet Moving is a locally owned and operated moving and delivery company in Billings, Montana. Since 1999, RedJet Couriers Owner and President Brad Redlich has steadily grown from his courier service to a strategic moving company with many reliable delivery services for the area. RedJet Moving is willing to accommodate any needs of our customers for local residential and commercial moves.

Professional Moving Service

RedJet Moving offers a professional moving service that will assist our customer with furniture and special arrangements - as opposed to typical moving companies that just drop boxes in the middle of the room! Our professional management and staff has grown not only in the local Billings, MT area, as well as to outlying state and regional areas as well, to include Northern Wyoming and Western Dakotas. We can also deliver to Florida or California.

24/7 Local Services

Through strategic planning and combining the most advanced and up-to-date technologies such as GPS, smartphone applications, data capture, real time tracking, we manage every aspect of moves in the Billings, MT area. Our company owned and operated fleet vehicles, RedJet Moving has been very successful in building a stable operation providing fast service to their customers 24/7 - 365 days a year! Ask about our temporary storage options and available packing supplies to get you moving today!

Why Choose RedJet?

RedJet Moving of Billings, Montana is willing to accommodate any needs of our customers. We offer a more high-end type of courier service that will help our customer with furniture and special arrangements as opposed to just dropping boxes in the middle of the room.

  • We own our own trucks - our customer don't have to rent trucks!
  • No transfer points during moves
  • Home and Apartment Moving (Residential)
  • Office and Business Moving (Commercial)
  • Temporary storage available for between moves!
  • Local couriers services and more!
Red Jet Movers

15 Years in Business and Moving Forward

We build solid relationships with our customers!

Our mission to our customers is to carefully and thoroughly evaluate each assignment - whether it be courier, delivery or a move - in order to get the best rates with the most professional and timely service . We customize our service to meet our clients' needs at any given time. Our moving company's location in Billings, MT allows RedJet Moving to be accessible for local services with 24/7 availability. RedJet Moving has always embraced a solid business practice of investing wisely and utilizing up-to-date quality equipment and resources. By building trust and solid relationships with our clients, RedJet Moving has delivered customer satisfaction time and time again!

Temporary Storage Available

Let's say you move out of your house on the 1st, but cannot move into your new location until the 15th... RedJet Moving can store your belonging temporarily to facilitate your move. It's our duty to take the hassle out of moving!

Packing Supplies Available

RedJet Moving can provide moving supplies to ensure your move is safe, easy and organized. We have plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, furniture blankets and more packing supplies.


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